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With December tours announced in the last post I made, I thought I'd test out the observatory (as I have not been able to use for a while with injury and weather). A bit rusty on imaging Jupiter I admit, but it is my first Jupiter of the year! 4th December.
While I await another MRI (getting old), I have sat down to plan a large research telescope we have all the parts to complete other than the telescope tube to hold them. I have tried contacting local sheet metal fabricators but alas they have never replied or not interested (a bit sad). So while I sit contemplating, if you are a sheet metal worker interested in making a tube about 1900mm long and 470mm diameter with four strengthening bands, let me know via message!!! I can then start saving for it. Ps a larger version of the one pictured.
I had an opportunity late last night to set up for an image of galaxy NGC 253. Atmospheric conditions were terrible! It was windy and a lot of churring about in the sky. However, this is the result. Not overly impressed but it is a nice side on and dusty spiral galaxy.

Tours for the rest of October 8:30 pm. Book via message or email.
Tours are available on October : 20th and 21st

(I had hoped to have the 14th, however, that date looks to be in doubt)

I'll post November tours soon.
Sorry to keep boring folks with images of Saturn, but I was pleased with this one taken on the 28th September. I think its my clearest of recent images.
Finally! I have worked out some free upcoming tour dates for the school holidays. Unfortunately the full moon is right in the middle!!! The moon is too bright to use the telescope and see other things, so there are no tours a few days either side of full moon. Also note daylight savings kicks in the second week of the holidays. Remember, to book a tour, send an email or a message and I'll send details (I don't always get to read posts, so please send email or message).

Available tour dates are:

25th and 26th of September at 7:30 pm.

4th and 5th of October at 8:30 pm.

Tours are still donation. Sorry I can't offer more places!!! (I have some important things like my daughter's 21st and full moon on other dates!)
The Lagoon Nebula (M8) is one of the brighter nebula this time of year. Though I admit I prefer the Swan Nebula myself!

Upcoming tour dates!!! At present I have the 16th and 23rd of September at 7:30pm. (However, there are only a few places left on the 16th). Message or email for places or information.
There will be a lot more announced for the upcoming school holidays and I will post those shortly.
The Trifid Nebula! The blue is starlight reflected off a gas cloud in the Milky Way, while the pink is light being emitted by hydrogen gas stimulated by young stars within it.

I think a few people have noticed I've been tied up with a few commitments of late. I promise to have tours next available weekend!!! (Looking like mid September).

PS: I've just been looking at the prospects of the newly announced comet 2023 P1. It is expected to reach perhaps magnitude 4 or a bit brighter in mid September. However, looking at the orbit plot, at that time it is very close to the sun and therefore lost in the glare at sunset. In fact, this comet does not appear to be far from either morning or evening twilight during much of the "best" viewing period. It would have to brighten a lot to overcome the glare.
I had forgotten that I had taken this image of M17 Nebula! It was taken (apparently) in mid July. It must have been very cold so I had automated taking it. 

Tours.... I have had a lot of commitments of late, so haven't had much of a chance to be able to offer too many (or it has been cloudy when I have). So.... what I can say is tours will be from the 15th/16th of September. Sorry this seems so far away! I will post more information about other dates as September gets closer.
The Moon on the 27th July. I was able to set up a favourite telescope for an nice overall image of the Moon. I was inspired to capture this image by my students today who wanted to know more about our Moon. 

August is proving a difficult month for me to find suitable tour dates when I am available!!! I may end up posting them just a couple of days beforehand.
Had enough time before another commitment to image the Moon. This telescope I had never used before and this is its first image.

August tours will be posted next weekend! 

FYI, I'm cutting back on some social media for a short while, but promise to keep this page up to date!!
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