Comet McNaught on the 20th January 2007 from the Bathurst Observatory Research Facility

Research Observatory

Research Observatory

The information below details only some of the projects that we are working on at the observatory. You are welcome to come and view the research facility’s various space, mineral fossil and meteorite displays via prior bookings.

AMP Tomorrow Maker 2015 – Ray Pickard

Research Telescope and Partnership!

We are currently reinstalling our research telescope inside the refurbished observatory dome. This telescope will be used for asteroid research, imaging, and education. It will also be used for other research projects as required.


Meteorite Studies

Meteorite Identification, in Australia

Bathurst Observatory Research Facility Meteorite Verification and Valuation

Bathurst Observatory Research Facility, Australia, has one of the only public displays of meteorites in NSW west of Sydney in our Meteorite Museum. We have over 200 specimens on display, ranging from witnessed falls to historical pieces. You can come and see our display of space models, minerals, fossils and meteorites via prior booking.

We also study meteorites as part of our research goals, and have published a number of papers about meteorites.

We can also offer some services to meteorite collectors and researches wishing to display their specimens. These are detailed below. We can offer a verification service, so if you think you may have found a meteorite, we can help. We do not normally sell many meteorites at the observatory, however, we do have some from time to time. Meteorites for sale will be listed on this page.

Gas shed from a dying star. (M27)


Want an Image? Bathurst Observatory Research Facility Star Photography Services.

Do you have a specific star or star cluster you want an image of? We can arrange to take a photograph of a region of the sky or a particular star of interest to you.  The image would be processed by us and sent as a high resolution jpeg file (or other format as required). Note that there would be a cost involved for my time $55, and conditions such as the star brightness and visibility may be a factor.