This page is dedicated to information for excursion and educational sites, wishing to link their programs to the NSW Australian Curriculum, or looking to develop educational program to meet the needs of schools.

Updated 29th May 2015

The Bathurst Observatory Research Facility has the pleasure in announcing that it can now offer assistance in the development and implementation of educational programs to cater for the needs of school groups.

This assistance can be offered to Field trip or Excursion sites wishing to develop or adapt educational programs to meet the needs of teachers, schools and students. Remember, building or owning a site is only half of the educational design. Sites also needs to understand how to build knowledge and create ongoing and lasting relationships with schools.


The observatory has a qualified teacher that can aid you in developing your educational programs to meet the outcomes and requirements of the New South Wales, Australian Curriculum, for any subject or type of site.

In particular I will work with you on developing a program that uses the most appropriate teaching strategy for your site, links directly to syllabus outcomes, and has ongoing evaluations in place for continual improvement.

Most information is available on our facebook page. Just search Educational Program Consultant for Excursion and Field Trip sites.

The consultant has researched for an honours dissertation, the processes of how educational programs and materials are developed for excursion destinations. Having worked in both the school system and as a site educator at the observatory and other educational sites, our consultant has experience in many areas of education.

So if you are feeling lost as to how your site can meet the needs of students and teachers with changes affecting your site from the introduction of the Australian Curriculum, please email the observatory (click up for contact details) or call (02 6337 3988).

Rates are negotiable.