Bathurst Observatory Research Facility

Bathurst NSW Australia

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Bathurst Observatory Research Facility is an observatory site primarily for education, research and study, though we do offer general public viewing nights.

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Opening for Open Nights Star Tours Available Now (conditions and limits apply)

Open Nights Star Tours

Bookings will be essential for all tours.

(All tours subject to weather)

NEWS: Tours begin at the new site

We now have some limited tours underway at the new site. The site is not complete yet, however in the current climate we need to be able to offer tours to help complete other facilities.

Tours will be generally be available any clear Tuesday to Saturday nights.

Any clear Tuesday to Saturday Nights!!!

Note, Bathurst Observatory has moved and under construction!!!!

The new site, opened during 2020 and offers better sky, better viewing opportunities and a more unique experience.

No tours in the week of Full Moon.

Bookings essential.

Please note that the main telescope is pretty big and requires use of a small stepladder for viewing. Please advise if you would have difficulties with steps and we can set up a different telescope.

* There may be some mid week research nights where tours are not available.

Reduced Tours Prices for groups

Costs :

As the site is not yet complete with all facilities, we are asking for donation towards completion (an amount you think is fair for the tour and my time).

(Note: we have NO credit card facilities)

Tour bookings and Enquiries, phone (0427292214 Please leave a message as we screen out spam calls), or email us. (Email is by far the best way to get us, if you don’t get a reply it means you have us blocked!!! Please change your settings!).

How to find us? See Location!

Why “Open Nights”?

Bathurst Observatory in eveningWe used to do tours in the observatory dome. However, we found that the dome itself blocked out most of the night sky! Our visitors wanted to view through a telescope but be able to see and hear about the wonders of the night sky at the same time. We particularly had many visitors from urban areas wanting to see a nice dark country sky full of stars. The solution, set up the public telescope as nature wanted us to, on cleared ground next to the observatory, under the wonder of the Southern stars.

Our tours are conducted with the only guide with over fifteen years educational astronomy experience and with Bachelor of Education Honours Degree! Our guide is also an internationally recognised expert in the field of meteorites.

Tours require bookings and are weather dependent. (We can’t see stars through clouds!) Tour duration is about 1 hour, depending on time of year.

We cater for all school astronomy and space excursions, as well as general public telescope tours of the night sky. Primarily we offer our open night tours to inspire everyone to look to the night sky.

The Milky Way stretches overhead in this view taken at the Bathurst Observatory Research Facility - 6th July 2013The Milky Way stretches overhead in this view taken at the Bathurst Observatory Research Facility.
The Bathurst Observatory Research Facility (Research and Meteorite Related Enquires and Public Viewing Nights)

The Bathurst Observatory Research Facility, located on the current site on Limekilns Road north east of Bathurst. At the research site, we study, comets, asteroids, variable stars, meteors and meteorites. For research related enquires please email us.

We also welcome any enquires or questions you may have on Astronomy, Space or meteorite related matters.

Our FaceBook page is regularly updated, so have a look for the latest news and images from the observatory.

Other Tours

Meteorite and Mineral Display

Solar Telescope Tours (Viewing the Sun)

On occasions, we are able to offer daytime telescope views of the sun. We have a special telescope that allows you to SAFELY view the sun. At present the availability of these tours will depend on three factors.

  1. that I’m available on the day.
  2. it is not cloudy.
  3. that the sun has some active features.

The third point is important, as sometimes the sun can be quiet and not as interesting to see.

These tours will be about 15 minutes in duration and by gold coin donation. Bookings for a solar tour would be essential.

Donate to Bathurst Observatory

We would really appreciate your support!

Bathurst Observatory is in the process of moving to a new location. All facilities are currently being rebuilt.
Your Contribution of any amount will go towards:
$1000 for the crane, $5500 for the Observatory Foundations and Telescope Pier, $3500 for the Public Viewing Area.

Meteorite Museum shed

We would really appreciate your support!

We are in the process of building the Meteorite Museum shed.
The Meteorite Museum will provide a space to display our meteorite, public education and video conferences into schools.
The funding goal is to reach $45,000 which will cover the cost of concrete slab, the cost of the shed and construction.

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